Requiring interim management specialists?

Owning and operating Hotel’s, Resort’s, Motel’s is a 24X7 task that requires specialist management expertise. The hospitality sector is based on performance measured in minutes not days. 

The performance factor can only be maintained with the continuity of management. Natural aspects of holidays, health , growth or the need for a positional upgrade in most cases requires the appointment of an interim management specialist.

Essential Service Hotels have comprehensive experience in providing interim management with the capability, skill and expertise to maintain the highest level of performance for your hospitality operation.

Our understanding comes from  “hands on” knowledge of the hospitality sector on a national and international basis. A comprehensive understanding of overall operations, sales and marketing provides interim management specialists with a knowledge of the business, the brand and commitment in the delivery of the expected financial outcome of our client.

From establishing the interim management requirements with our client a specification is developed targeting the appointment of the right person for the right position. Experience counts, as mistakes reflect the financial outcome, the productivity and the delivery of customer service, the essential component of the hospitality sector.

From experience Essential Service Hotels suggests that interim management contracts can uplift performance with the introduction a new skills set in operations and trends.  
Offering Comprehensive, Viable Solutions

Offering a partnered solution for the delivery of quality, financially viable and iconic commercial accommodation entities.
  • Concept Development
  • Project Development
  • Project Feasibility & Validation
  • Operating Formula

 Adding Value Through Effective Strategies


The concept development is the starting point for the evaluation of the viability on which the investment and funding depends. ESH has comprehensive experience in all aspects of hospitality development with the benefit being that the strategic plan is unified through to completion


Understanding the Opportunity and Risk.


The commercial accommodation sector is now seen as high yield property class able to deliver above average returns on trading and capital invested. Demand exceeds supply in all major CBD regions across the Australian marketplace. This shortage of supply (Deloitte Report July 2014) reflects the necessity to engage a team that has a complete understanding of the specific drivers necessary to deliver a conceptually and financially viable project.


Evaluation of the Operations and Trading Options


ESH completes extensive global research to enable us to deliver a concept vision that matches design with brand specifications and a relevant commercial accommodation operating formula. The specific evaluation of the numerous trading formula options used by management companies is critical to the financial success.


Supporting Developer / Owners Through Experience

ESH have specialist “hands on” experience in brand and operator selection as well as the establishment of equitable management contract terms for the developer/owners who are the catalysts of the supply chain.


Make Time to see a Specialist


ESH take into account the global trends in design and operational procedures to optimise both service and financial delivery.
ESH—Your First Choice Consulting Partners:

  • comprehensive experience in the commercial accommodation, tourism and hospitality sector
  • the ESH formula is both cost effective and ethical in delivery and management practices
  • implementing concepts based on the specific understanding of the changing climate of the commercial accommodation and tourism sector
  • specific expertise in brand selection and its application to produce high yield trading returns
  • experience in all elements of commercial accommodation development and operations
  • comprehensive understanding of management formula structures
  • provide a mitigation of owner’s risk in concept, design, implementation and long term trading
  • pro-active management processes and the cost versus quality factor in delivery
  • a concept with proven consumer sustainability and investor viability
  • skilled infrastructure containing specialists in commercial accommodation development, operational, finance, legal, design and marketing
  • specialist, commercial and practical expertise brought to all aspects of the concept to completion process