The Essential Accommodation Model

In 2008 the GFC was a catalyst for change both positive and negative. The commercial accommodation sector was the recipient of the benefits of change. Hotels especially have undergone many innovative changes for the better. New brands, new operators, new trading formula and new styles have re-vitalised the hotel industry. The “Essential Service” model is the big winner, with its effective designs offering better site utilisation and new construction techniques getting the product to market earlier.

All in all, the end result is a better return for Investors and Developers for their entrepreneurial risk. The finished product offers the consumer recognisable value for money and compliments the availability of low airfares making travel more affordable and occupancies potentially higher. Most of the major operators have revitalised and extended their brands, however the proliferation has been the greatest in the “Essential Service” segment. These new hotels have style and should not be confused with a budget or “no frills” offering .The use of design dynamics in room furnishings and fittings combined with the leap in technology delivers excellent value to the Guest. The “Essential Service” model is focused on the accommodation component with its efficient room size and modern guest facilities in the room. The “Essential Service”model is always well located with food and beverage offerings in close proximity to the Hotel.The “Location, Location” aspect is important in the consumer selection process and these new hotels offer an excellent proposition.